Abbott Supply, LLC



Early in the 1920's, the Abbott family founded Abbott Automotive Supply in Quincy, Illinois, as a distributor of automotive parts and batteries to local automobile dealers and individuals.

In the mid 1970's, Jim Williams, a long time employee of Abbotts, purchased the business from the Abbott family. Although the business continued as a distributor of automotive parts and supplies, Mr. Williams added industrial supplies to Abbott's product mix to support the industrial market in Quincy.

In 1993, Sam Leslie purchased Abbotts. He continued the business with an emphasis on industrial power transmission.

In 1998, The Harborstone Group, LLC, (a partnership located in Quincy) purchased the assets of Abbotts from Mr. Leslie and the company name was changed to Abbott Supply, LLC. Abbotts continues to be a distributor of many name brand industrial and automotive supplies.

In an effort to grow the business and reach more industrial businesses in the market, Abbotts purchased the assets of two Midwest Hydra-line locations in December, 2000. One location in Quincy, Illinois, and one location in Decatur, Illinois. Both of these locations have been consolidated with Abbott's location at 1017 Hampshire Street. The addition of this business brought new products and expertise to the Abbott business such as hydraulic hose, custom hose assembly, couplings and fittings, pneumatic tools and tool repair.

The goal of Abbotts is to offer quality industrial and automotive supplies with product knowledge, good customer service, and value.